Tuesday, October 19, 2010

miller falcon self retracting lifeline

This one is new in a box.

Nearly indestructible, the high impact-resistant nylon housing withstands the harsh rigors of the toughest applications. The lightest, most rugged line of composite retractables are designed with smooth, round edges to increase durability.

Pound for pound the strongest, most durable retractable. Lifeline available in 16- (5m), 20- (6m) , 30- (10m), 50- (15m) and 65-ft. (20m) lengths.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum internal components extend service life and reduce replacement costs
  • Lightest composite unit on the market – easy to handle and transport to/from jobsites
  • Unique side payout design reduces wear on the entry guide bushing and cable for smooth operation with less drag
  • Smooth, quiet operation; engineered spring retraction tension designed not to pull or drag on a worker to improve productivity and reduce fatigue
  • Built-in, ergonomically-designed molded handle on the 50- (15m) and 65-ft. (20m) cable units provide support and leverage when attaching to anchorage connector. Easier to install.
  • Dual swivels (unit top and snap hook) included on all cable models to minimize lifeline from twisting during use
  • New and improved load indicators identify when the unit needs to be removed from service*
    *Cable models – on snap hook, Web models – flag on webbing
  • No annual factory recertification required* – lowers cost of ownership and increases productivity
    *Except in Canada where the Canadian Standards Association requires annual factory recertification.
  • Rated to 400 lbs. (181.4kg) capacity when using a SofStop shock absorber (928LS/18INYL)
  • Falcon web SRL rated for up to 400 lbs. (181.4kg) worker
$100 obo.

2x4 super anchor safety bar

The Safety bar not only provides a sturdy tie-off point, but also accurately spaces your top chords 24" o.c. And we built this bar to last! The Safety Bar is made from cold rolled steel and powder coated bright red. The top chord sockets are held in place using the same high quality detente locking pins found on out ARS Movable Anchor.

Monday, October 11, 2010

RCA Radiola 18


One of the first all electric radios, the Radiola 18 is a Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) receiver typical of designs in the mid-1920's. It is a tabletop radio cased in solid mahogany except for the inlaid front panel and the rear cover.

This is missing the original top speaker. Although, I have seen them listed on Ebay from 9.99 - 30.00.

You can own this thing for $50

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sokkia Abney Level

A Topographic Abney Level is an instrument used in surveying which consists of a fixed sighting tube, a movable spirit level that is connected to a pointing arm, and a protractor scale.

1950's Sawyer's Stereoscope Viewmaster with 28 reels

In late 1939, the View-Master was introduced at the New York World's Fair (marked "Patent Applied For"). It was intended as an alternative to the scenic postcard, and was originally sold at photography shops, stationery stores, and scenic-attraction gift shops. The main subjects of View-Master disks were Carlsbad Caverns and the Grand Canyon.[1]